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Welcome to Just Dogs & Books!

Here it’s all about life with dogs, with a spoonful of lifestyle, a sprinkle of reading and a smattering on writing stuff too.  Here’s what you’ll find on this site:

  • Chat about lifestyle, especially when it comes to dogs

  • Tips and info for you and your canine friend

  • Book recommendations. In other words, books I’ve read and feel are good enough for you to read too

  • Writing and how it can help lift our mood & make sense of the world

  • A quirky shop where you can join the dogs and books themed fun

You’ll come across some links to third party websites from which I earn a small financial payment from qualifying purchases (more here). There is no cost to you. If you do buy something from one of my links, then thank you in advance!

What you won’t find:

  • Book reviews. I only want to chat about the books that I’ve read and enjoyed because I don’t like giving negative reviews. That shouldn’t stop you from sharing your own honest views with us though!

  • Negativity. I think we’re done with that in 2020, so let’s celebrate all things positive and find the good in even the toughest of challenges.

In the interests of full disclosure, I also have a business called 'Picked by Sophie'. It's a shop that's all about dogs too! There you'll find everything from funky things for your dog, to useful stuff for you, as well as fabulous gifts for fellow dog lovers. If you're interested, you can visit Picked by Sophie here.

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Thanks & I hope you enjoy visiting! Michelle x

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Quote of the month: September 2020

"You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him”

W Bruce Cameron

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